3 Way LED Wireless Touch Light Switch Wiring and Pairing Instructions

3 Way LED Wireless Touch Light Switch Wiring and Pairing Instructions

This tutorial shows you how to connect the touch light switch, likes a 1 gang, 2gang and 3 gang wall touch switch to make them work as a 3-way, 2 way, and 1 way respectively. Now let s to do that.

What we’ve got here is, we are going to show you the wiring of how we did this now. Each touch light switch can have its own individual power supply or alternatively as we’ve done. Here you can loop the power using the L terminals. Now the L terminal of this switch is used for the power L 1 represents the 1 button. L2 represents the middle button and L 3 represents the right button. If it’s a 3 gang and then if it’s a 1 gang will have just L1.

Connect 2 Gang Touch Light Switch

If it’s 2 gang touch light switch you’ll have L 1 and L 2 and the two-way terminal here. As you can see is looped from one to another to create the connection between the three switches. Now, we have the power source coming into this switch.  Which is looped to the other switches to get to feed the power. In order to make sure that all switches have power going into them. But as we said they can all have their own individual power supplies.

Now we have included a switch life from an LED lights going into L1. We have another one, the one has no switch lives in here. It is left empty. Because this will be an intermediary switch which is going to have one of them working as a 3-way.  One of touch light switch working as a 2-way and over here we have. And the L 1 terminal empty. Because that will also be used as a 3-way. Because what happens is L 1 of each touch light switch will work together.

L 2’s will work together and L free will work by itself because and you can see we have on L 2 here.  We’ve put it in like a cable the switch live from a halogen bulb just to show you that it can work with any type of light now. as you can see right now we have the lights working as a 3-way and over here we have it working as a two-way we haven’t put anything on here this is just for demonstration purposes.Now, in the most cases, they will beep resynchronized. But if they’re not what you need to do.

wiring touch light switch

Press and hold the master button which will be the one that has the switch live cable. Until you get a flashing blue light says so and then press the corresponding button which will be this one. Now if that doesn’t work what you need to do is unsynchronized this button here to do that.

wire UK switch

You press and hold it.You get the flashing blue light. You repress and hold it until you see the flashing blue light slow down and stop. So what that will do is allow you to repair it so we get the

flashing blue light tap this button once and as you can see. we now got a two-way switch working here.  right now, this is working as a 3-way .as you can see, we’ve unpaired it so what we need to do now. is to UM pair it again.

There we go, get the moss the flashing blue and then just tap it once and there you go see that’s how you do that and then again, unpaired the button.

Yes, get the most of like flashing again and tap it once and that’s how you do that.But if you use rem