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Wireless Aluminum Light Switch

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Wireless Aluminum Light Switch Remote

wireless aluminum light switch

Technical Parameters:
1, the working voltage: AC220V 50 / 60HZ
2, the working frequency: 315MHZ, 433.92MHZ
3, quiescent current: 8.5mA
4, the load power: 1100W
5, the receiving sensitivity: -105dBM
6, work: (jog), (interlock), (self-locking)
7, the output signal: can output a switch signal or all the way AC220V voltage signal
8, encoding: learning code
9, Modulation: ASK
10, the working temperature: -10 ° C ~ +70 ° C
11, size: 55 * 33 * 18 (mm)

How to operate the wireless aluminum light switch

Clear with the code
1, clear function – long press the learning button “KEY” after about 4 seconds, the LED lights off after the release, began to clear all the remote control code in the memory, until the LED flashes 5 times after the extinguished, then clear function is completed The
2, the code function – click the learning button “KEY”, LED indicator light indicates that the microprocessor into the learning code state, press the matching wireless remote control button, LED light flashes 3 times after the show that Success on the code. Wireless remote control switch can store 16 different remote control. (This section is a key to the code, the program will automatically assign a good data bit)
3, the code test – after the success of the code, according to the remote control corresponding relay will make the corresponding function of the action.
Aluminum switch transmitter
Wiring and testing the wireless aluminum light- switch
1, according to their own control function to properly regulate the wiring, the wiring is completed again after the inspection wiring is correct. Please do not charge the wiring and try to connect the wiring, if there is no standard operation lead to adverse consequences, the company is not responsible. In case of doubt and can not solve the problem can consult the company’s technical staff to help solve. We are absolutely the most sincere service attitude to solve the customer encountered with the related issues.
2, confirm the wiring is correct, turn on the power, LED light flashes. The number of blinks can be judged by the selection function.
              * Flashes once – jog function
              * Blinks twice – Self-locking function
              * Flicker 3 times – Interlock function
3, according to the remote control button on the code, remote control switch with the corresponding control. Control the normal control, then the wiring test is successful, you can use normally.
common problem
1, connected to the power, any time can be clear and with the code, when the circuit at work when the clear function, clear the code after the success of the 4-way relay to return to normal. On the code function when the LED light is lit, enter the code state, learning wait time of about 6 seconds, need to complete the code within 6 seconds, 6 seconds after the LED lights off, the program automatically withdraws from the code status.
 433 light receiver
2, the initial use, be sure to conduct a clear code, empty factory test storage remote control code. After the success of the code remote control code LED indicator light will be associated with light if you receive an invalid remote control code will appear when the low light burst flash. Look at the LED indicator can determine whether there is no interference with the frequency of remote control. If there is a low burst flash.
Back of switch remote
3, as long as the code is successful, you can change the output mode of operation, just disconnect the power after the change jumper cap selection, turn on the power again to change the function. No need to re-code.
 Switch remote transmitter
4, the control switch can store 16 remote control code, if you learn to 17 remote control code, the program will automatically overflow the first remote code failure. And so on. When the remote control code should be cleared after the chaos to learn, so as not to have other remote control code interference.
5, the use of the remote control needs to learn after coding because the general code remote control factory is not encoded, take over the direct use of learning is possible, but by other non-coding remote control.
6, the use of the installation as far as possible to avoid the interference source and the formation of a similar shield hood. Will directly affect the receiving sensitivity.

7, do not normally use. Improper use will reduce product performance and longevity, serious damage to the product will give you the safety of the hidden dangers.

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