• Wireless Touch Switch Receiver & Remote

  • Smart Light Switch Support Wi-Fi 

Wireless Black 2 Gang Touch Switch Remote

This device is not just a touch switch, also a remote.

This one with the wireless control function, and power by button cell.

So you can call it Remote Switch Transmitter 

The advance is you can put it everywhere you want and do not connect it with wire.

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Touch Switch Remote

Wireless Touch Switch Black 2 GANG 1 WAY Remote Control Light Switch (Remote Transmitter)


Rated Operational Voltage 110V — 240V AC
Capability Allowance -15%  — 10%
Load Power 3-300W/gang
Working Temperature Radiation – 20℃  +   70℃
Relative Humidity 10% — 93%
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz
Energy Consumption 0.02W
size 86mm*86mm*35mm
Remote control frequency 433Mhz (Or 315Mhz)
Current 5A

Product packaging:

1 pcs Switch Shape Remote

Touch Switch Remote

Yes, this is a touch switch remote.
In another word, it is remote and the appearance is the switch and with 433mhz launch frequency.
The appearance is the switch and with 433mhz launch frequency.
This switch can be used to control a number of the wireless switch(which switch connect with the electrical wire.)
Can be used for the garage door, electric curtains, 433mhz touch switch, and more
433 MHz Is Not 100% Generic
Some factories produce 433mhz remote control.
But there common agreement and private agreement in the market.
Our item support all common agreement switch.
If you wonder does our touch switch remote match with your switch or not. Welcome, contact us.
Switch WIFI connection work is needed to increase the equipment.
Benefits of Smart Remote Control:
It is clean and elegant as it is touch switch,
You put the remote wherever you want and not need to connect the wire or destroy the wall.
You can put this remote on the wall just with 3M sticker or screw.
Tempered glass panels, waterproof, wet hands can touch.


How does the Light Switch Remote Work?



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