• Wireless Touch Switch Receiver & Remote

  • Smart Light Switch Support Wi-Fi 

Black 3 Gang 1 Way Lamp Touch Switch

Product Parameter

Rated Voltage: AC110V/AC220V

Rated Power:3-200W each gang.

Rated Frequency:50Hz/60Hz

Power Supply: Single Live Line.

Panel Material: Crystal glass panel.

Self Power Consuming: 0.1mA.

Dimension: 86*86*33mm

Blue back light “off” / Red back light “on”

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 Lamp Touch Switch

Wireless Black 3 Gang 1 Way Wall Lamp Touch Switch For Light 86


Package included:

* 1x 3 Gang Touch Switch (Support Remote Function )

* 2x Screw

* 1x User Manual


Lamp Touch Switch

These switches can be used to turn on/off the lamp and are operated by Touch. These switches are LED compatible as well as all Halogen bulbs and fittings. The Switch has a blue back light for each Gang which makes it visible in the dark making it easier to find your switch at night.

3 gang touch switch for light

Gooston is a trademarked product. It is available to be used in all rooms of your home, business, and establishment. It is very easy to make your home with a unique and luxurious style. And bring your home into the 21st Century. Gooston switches are all manufactured with Crystal Glass Panels that are operated by Touch with a very unique and high-quality Glass Fascia that makes your switch stand out in any surrounding. The unique design removes the need for the traditional button light switches that bring a modern and stylish look to enhance your property.

Gooston light switches are compatible with lots of LED light bulbs.

 Llikes GU10 bulbs and can work with as little as 3 Watts up to 300 Watts per Gang. So this 3 gang touch switch works with for 900 Watts light. The switches are also suitable to be used with all halogen and fluorescent light bulbs. The switches can also work with LED lights bulbs as low as 3 Watts.

touch sensitive light switch UK

Our Switches are of the highest quality that will face any condition used in. The Switches are made from a high-quality Glass Fascia. They can work under 97% Humidity levels. So it is ideal for use in bathrooms. Our beautifully designed fascia covers the electronics of the switch. And the Glass Touch Panel makes the switch impossible to conduct any electricity.touch sensitive switch factory

There is no buzzing noise. As the switches are all electronic. No moving parts or rockers when dimmers are used.SO the switch can be used all over the World in any country. Because voltage and frequency capabilities of the switches ensure that


1- Cut off the power source while installing the glass panel plate. Due to ensuring its stable performance,
2-Make sure the glass panel plate is tightly installed.



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