To install A Motion Sensor Light Switch

Each set consist of 2 Switches. The 2 switches control one lamp in two different places)   Product Features:   – With all of the functions of switch, it is easy to operate. – The same light may be controlled by two switches in two different places. Do not need to turn on/off the sunshine […]

Apt Timer Switch Instructions For Form

INSTRUCTIONS FOR WATER HEATER TIMER 1. The switch marked ‘Water Heater Off / Timed’ must always be switched to ‘Timed’ Apt 24hr Immersion Time Clock With Surface Box. An immersion heater time switch with On/Off and clock operation. Slider switch On/Off and program operation Find great deals on eBay for apt timer and wall Timeclock […]

Toggle Switch Circuit Diagram Using 555 Timer IC

Toggle switch is used to toggle the output between two devices. Means when one device is ON, second device remains OFF and when second device is OFF, first device becomes ON. This toggle of output might be controlled using a PUSH button switch, so you possibly can control two devices using one button. Further you’ll […]

Modern 220V AC Remote Control Wall Switch , RF Wireless Switch Products

The smart curtain controller adopts RF wireless technology. works with curtain motor and track, It receives the command from remote controller and smart host to appreciate the curtain open, close and stop, Description: 1) Using wireless digital identification technology, each curtain controller is with independent password, it won’t interfere with one another 2) Compatible with […]

Transfer Switches For Portable Generators

A transfer switch prevents electricity from flowing simultaneously between your portable generator and the utility grid. It’s mounted next to your property circuit breaker box and can operate manually or automatically. In the event of a blackout, you can power several appliances to incorporate the refrigerator, television, lights and even your sump pump. However, you […]

Electric Timer Switch Used For School Bell

BRT-404 and BRT-404B are the most advanced timer switches. They are controlled by a micro controller unit standard wall box where both hot wire and neutral wire are present. BRT-404 has accurate timing setting to a second, while BRT-404B has accurate timing setting to a minute. l As much as 20 timing periods available each […]

US Patent For Timer Switch Assembly Patent

This invention relates generally to an operating mechanism for an electrical switch and more specifically to a device which is operative to periodically alter the time of operation of said switch in a random fashion. There are numerous applications where a random time interval may be useful. For instance, in complex systems wherein the occurrance […]